• Menzi Muck moves to Rüthi SG

    In recent years, our production volume has increased enormously. We also want to renew and improve our production methods. The current location does not offer enough space for this.
    In mid-May 2019, Menzi Muck AG Kriessern relocated its headquarters from Kriessern to Rüthi SG. We expect more utility and outdoor space as well as higher production halls. The move was planned in detail and individual…

  • New Generation X BAUMA Munich 2019

    At the BAUMA Munich 2019 the new Generation X was presented. The M-series was equipped with a completely new chassis. The stepless Vx-DRIVE and the parallel stabilisation P-VATION were revolutionary development steps.

  • First Menzi PUMA in Switzerland

    A Menzi PUMA 42GTX has been delivered in June for the first time to a customer in Switzerland (KONSAG AG, Goldswil). The PUMA 42GTX is a unique combination of a Menzi Muck walking excavator chassis and a 42 meter telescopic lift. By merging the technical know-how of Menzi Muck AG and TEUPEN Maschinenbau GmbH, an innovative new machine class has been developed. For the first time, the PUMA will be…

  • Menzi Muck STORM for clearing mines

    The Severe Terrain Off Road Menzi Muck (STORM) is a commercial excavator designed to remove vegetation and clear mines in rough and steep terrain. STORM completed a successful operational field evaluation in Cambodia (2009 - 2015). Since May 2016 the Menzi Muck has cleared 60,000 square meters of land in very rugged Terrain in Afghanistan.

    Humanitarian demining program

  • New 65rd dumper with cab featuring 180° rotation

    The new Menzi 65rd dumper features a cab with 180° rotation and a spacious, ergonomic cockpit, output of 136 hp, the smallest turning circle, maximum payload, car-like handling, two-stage hydrostatic traction drive up to 30 km/h, 53 kN maximum tensile force, electronic ride management, attachments: snow plough, snow blower, mulcher

  • Another 6 Menzi Muck in Slowakia

    In december 2016, another six Menzi Muck M320 has been delivered to the Slovakian Water Authority. With the delivery of 2015, this customer has already 16!

  • The new Menzi Muck M2 transported by a helicopter

    For the construction of a new cable car , a Menzi Muck M2 has be flown by helicopter to 1751 meters above the sea . Dismantled before in packages the walking excavator was assembled again the same day.


  • Three Menzi Muck at the Implenia building site

    The new fire service training centre is currently under construction in Bernhardzell in Eastern Switzerland. The new Menzi Master M515 and one of the two Menzi Muck A91 have been equipped with a drilling carriage. The piping is exclusively intended to protect the assembly. The second Menzi Muck A91 is used to take care of conventional civil engineering. Click here for more information. 

  • Menzi Muck builds European route

    Menzi Muck is building the European route at the Hoher Kasten viewpoint in Eastern Switzerland: the first phase, namely attaching the safety netting, has already been completed. The netting is intended for builders' security and to protect hiking routes below the building site from rockfall. During the work, Christian Wenk, operator employed at Eberle Landschaftsbau, Herisau, climbed Hoher Kasten…

  • 6000th Menzi Muck delivered

    In addition to various innovations, BAUMAG 2015 in Lucerne saw the delivery of the 6000th Menzi Muck to its proud owners as part of a handover event with snacks. The Menzi Muck M545 anniversary machine and honorary certificate were handed over to Stefan Thalmann AG from Ramersberg.