Special civil engineering

The Menzi Muck is perfectly suitable as a carrier unit for various drilling systems. In this context, it convinces with outstanding performance and a low dead weight. Its high rate of stability and ability to move even in impassable terrain allows it to be used in a wide variety of circumstances. Exceptional lifting forces allow an attachment of drill buggies weighing up to approximately 2,800 kg. On the on hand, the Menzi Muck can be used with simple and light systems for blast-hole drilling or self-drilling anchors, even on steep slopes. On the other hand, the Menzi Muck allterrain spider excavator also shines in professional, special civil engineering with more complex drilling systems.


Stability despite heavy attachments

A specially designed support foot for stabilising and treading functions. A special excavation arm with even more lifting power is available for heavy drill buggies. Enormous lifting power and hydraulic power guarantee efficient and precise work. A low centre of gravity and maximum support options guarantee good stability.


The optional "Powerline" is recommended for the operation of buggies with high levels of oil demand. This means: a separate, prioritising hydraulic pump feeds the buggy with up to 220 l/min.

Areas of Operation of the Menzi Spider excavator

  • Securing excavations
  • Securing roads, routes, embankments and slopes
  • Anchoring in ski regions, forest road and road construction.
  • Erosion protection
  • Rockfall, torrent and avalanche barrier
  • Anchors for snowcats and dams
  • Blast holes for building sites, ski slopes and snow lines
  • Drainage in marshes and fens
  • Wall restructuring (core hole drilling)
  • Laying foundations (e.g. for electric pylons, cable car pylons, etc.)
  • Deep mining or tunnel construction

Drilling variants

  • External hammer for blast-hole drilling, self-drilling anchors
  • External hammer (in-hole) for blast-hole drilling, erosion protection, drainage drilling, self-drilling anchors
  • In-hole hammer for anchor drilling on insecure terrain, overlap drilling

In our multimedia section you will find a selection of pictures and videos of the application fields.