Profitable, mechanical timber harvesting in challenging terrain has been made possible by the Menzi Muck harvester. With a chassis that adapts to the terrain, a powerful all-wheel drive and the treading function there is nothing that can stop the Menzi Muck harvester as it even copes with slopes of up to 100%.

Regardless of whether it is used for storm damaged timber, targeted thinning or deforestation, its range of operation is versatile. The Menzi Muck can also be equipped with excavator accessories for infrastructure tasks to additionally increase its scope of operation and efficiency.

In comparison to other forestry equipment the Menzi Muck harvester is very light-weight and yet powerful which also has positive ecological effects. Chassis adaptations and low foundation pressure protect forest terrain. The agility of the Menzi Muck also prevents damage to remaining populations.

Menzi Muck complete Harvester
Funicular traction of wood
Stabilization of a steep slope
Storm damaged timber
Harvesting with the Menzi Master
Thinning work by a Menzi spider excavator
River engineering
Menzi Muck Harvester in Laos

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