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Forestry Applications Download

Universality even in forestry

The first Menzi Muck woodland harvester made its debut in 1997. Since then, it has developed into a sophisticated professional forestry machine. By pursuing a policy of continuous development, Menzi Muck has established itself as a major player in today's forestry sector. We have gained a reputation for high quality and the forestry sector has become one of our main areas of activity.  

The advantages

Known to many as a "precipice harvester" or "walking harvester", the Menzi Muck has made the profitable mechanisation of thinning operations on difficult terrain a reality. Thanks to the harvester's chassis, which can be adjusted to suit the ground on which it is to work, the powerful all-wheel drive and the walking function, absolutely nothing can stand in its way. Gradients in excess of 100% pose no problems.

As well as being the most rational alternative for assortment on uphill and downhill gradients in excess of 40%, it is also suitable for full-tree uprooting. Whether the task at hand involves forest work following a storm, thinning work or clear cutting, the possible applications are many and varied. The option to retrofit the machine with excavator accessories for infrastructure operations also extends the range of possible applications and ensures high utilisation rates.

In respect of mechanical thinning, ecological aspects are being considered with increasing importance. When compared with other forestry machines, the Menzi Muck harvester combines reduced weight with increased performance. The fact that the chassis can be adjusted to suit the ground on which work is being carried out and the low pressure on the ground provide extensive protection for the woodland floor. Furthermore, the manoeuvrability of the Menzi Muck prevents damage to surrounding greenery.

The relatively low purchase cost, high performance and universal applicability of the Menzi Muck open up interesting possibilities for forestry managers.

Forestry arm with excavator foot

Massive lifting torques are assured by the forestry arm with 2-metre telescope, which results in a jib range of up to 9 metres. The sturdy excavator foot has been matched to the harvester head, enabling the latter to grip the foot fast with the rollers. The excavator foot is used on hilly ground, where the traction drive is supported by means of pushing or pulling with the arm.


All four wheelmounts can be adjusted independently both horizontally and vertically. The horizontal adjustment range of up to 6450 mm pushes the working face of the Menzi Muck outwards and maximises stability. Thanks to vertical wheel adjustment, the machine can adapt to uneven terrain and compensate for steep gradients when working on slopes. Where space is at a premium, the stub-axle steering provides the necessary manoeuvrability.

The chassis can be fitted with hydraulic stabilisers (mountain stabilisers) as an option. The sturdy 6-pin steel claws provide additional stability in extreme conditions.


Ergonomics couldn't be better thanks to numerous individual possible settings on the air-sprung comfort driver's seat, armrests, joysticks and foot pedals. Driver performance is optimised as working conditions are pleasant and not likely to induce fatigue. Clearly arranged indicators provide information in respect of data associated with the machine and harvester head.

 Safe cab for forestry applications

The large cab gives drivers a feeling of space and affords a clear and unobstructed all-round view. Designed specifically for forestry applications, the cab has passed all appropriate safety tests (ROPS, FOPS and OPS testing to DIN ISO 34171). Bull bars and deflectors increase safety still further. The Lexan (polycarbonate) panes are characterised by incredibly high impact strength, temperature resistance and excellent optical properties. The protected headlight corona on the roof of the cab means that use outside of daylight hours is now a possibility.

 Harvester unit

Most Menzi Muck customers work with the Woody H50 harvester. It is ideal for use interchangeably as a harvester or processor. Its size and shape enable even hardwood and knee timber to be harvested and processed. The foldaway feed unit (rollers) is an additional advantage; this works together with the gripping pliers to grab hold of several logs at once. Maximum fell diameter = 65 cm; Trimming diameter 7 to 50 cm; Max. grab aperture = 95 cm; Feed rate up to 4 m/sec.; Sawing rate: 40 m/sec.; Endless rotator.